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  • Who we are

    Who we are

    We are ?one of the leading Macao specialist in the parallel import and parallel export of branded pharmaceuticals, generic medicines, m edical appliances, clinical dressings, diagnostics, nutritional drinks and unlicensed medicines.

    Over the past 3 years we have developed long lasting close relationships with suppliers and customers to develop our highly successful export and import business with a turnover exceeding £ 1000,000 per year

    We specialise in global supply to wholesalers, pharmacy groups, hospitals, private hospitals, specialist clinics, clinical trial providers, charities , NGO’s and many other healthcare providers

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    Who we are


    Specialty Medicines

    We can assess your clinical trial strategy and ensure a secure, high quality, low risk supply chain is in place. ?By partnering with Wu Zhou Drug, we can provide customer product as below:

    • Wholesale / Distribution: Branded Generic & Specialty Medicines
    • Market Shortages, Unlicensed / Unregistered Medicines
    • Named Patient / Compassionate Procurement /Emergency Healthcare needs

    Global Operations

    As a global organization, our core values are to maintain an ethical and diverse culture
    Our global reach has expanded to more than 200 cities, in over 70 countries including Europe, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and many others.

    Storage Facility

    Wu Zhou’s facilities are licensed to handle controlled ambient and cold chain storage. We also offer third party logistics and depot contract services.

    Our facilities are:
    ? Modern infrastructure to warehouse and distribute trial supplies
    ? Refrigerated (2 – 8 °C)
    ? Controlled ambient (15 – 25 °C)
    ? Niche services to store -80 °C

    Logistics Management

    We work with your preferred partner to coordinate shipping logistics which includes scheduling, coordinating and document control to execute delivery in a timely and cost-effective manner.
    Our logistics team coordinates declaration forms and other documentation for ease of transport through international customs and borders.

    Transparent Process

    We will analyse product market pricing and by working closely with our manufacturing and supply partners, present you with our findings that will offer you the most efficient solution for your clinical trial needs.

    Manufacturers have production schedules that can impact on the success of your trial. Our knowledge, experience and relationships in this area will help keep your trial on track.

    Clincal supply expertis

    Centralising the sourcing and distribution of comparators will provide huge cost savings .Wu Zhou Drug works with you to study all aspects of the trial, medical and commercial to meet your needs. Our global network of accredited manufacturers and suppliers provides you with access to products that can meet a wide range of criteria

    Multiple doses

    Single or multiple batch numbers

    Small or large quantities

    Long expiry dates

    Various languages Documentation

    Recall and batch traceability

    product lines

    We currently manage over 300 product lines


    We source products from over 70 countries across The world

    Years- experience

    We are proven in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years

    Client Testimonials

    Our Advantage

    We are specialists in the global sourcing and supply of pharmaceutical products.

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